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100 Years Old and Still Working!

When I have free time on a Saturday I like to visit the Old House Society in Bloomington, IL.  They have a shop where they sell items reclaimed from old homes and buildings they tear down. Since they are also a not-for-profit they accept donations of various items. A totally fun place to visit!

I had been looking for a fruit press online to use to squeeze any excess honey from our wax cappings after we harvest our honey in the fall. Well, this past Saturday I paid a visit to my favorite shop and guess what was sitting outside the door? Yep, a vintage fruit press! I know the folks, Laura and Israel, who run the shop and asked what they wanted for press. Israel said “You’ll have to ask Laura.” Just then Laura walked up and said “what are planning on using it for?”  When I told her that I was looking for one to press my wax cappings for my hives and for the hives at Salem4youth (Where I serve as beekeeper and Director of Development – she said “if you are using it for your beekeeping efforts it’s yours!” They have been SO kind and supportive of the Salem4youth ministry’s efforts to help young men.  She also commented about how much she loved the Salem honey but was out!

I did some research related to the press. It was made in Philadelphia at the turn of the century. It is cast iron and weighs 50 lbs. It needed to be cleaned up and oiled a bit but it works beautifully! So excited to use it on our beekeeping efforts!  Stay tuned! I will post pics this fall!

Oh, BTW, Laura is no longer “out of honey!”

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