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Eager to Learn

I have the distinct pleasure to serve at Salem4youth, a faith-based residential ministry that works with young men and their families. In 2012 I started a beekeeping program at Salem for any of the boys that were interested. It was purely optional, not required. Over the years I have had the privilege to introduce basic beekeeping skills to many boys. They are amazed at how, after they don the bee suit, they can get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. Occasionally I come across one of the boys who is really engaged in helping me. This year is one of those times and it does this old beekeeper’s heart good! The student is full of great questions and eager to learn. He understands the basics and tends to be a “sponge” as we work the bees. Due to the time he came to The Ranch he should be on campus from Spring through harvest this year. He is one of those individuals that you think may take up the hobby when he leaves here so it is really worth the effort to pour into him. Our beekeeping program is 6 years old this year and this student is going to be a real asset as we continue to tend and build the program!

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